Sterequip solution saves on reprocessing costs and helps public health get more from their facilities. 


We know Public Health Services only partner with trusted companies that deliver excellence.  That’s why when you choose a Sterequip solution your Public Health Service can benefit in three ways.

Repurposing CSSD Space

Most public hospitals have CSSDs located near theatres or ICUs, which means with an external reprocessing most of the CSSD can be repurposed to expand those critical areas and improve throughput.

Cost Effective Reprocessing

After an independent study of public hospitals in Victoria on the true cost of reprocessing, we know the Sterequip solution is significantly more cost effective than inhouse CSSDs. 

De-risk Changing Standards

The reprocessing standard will continue to change creating further disruption to workflows and capital costs. An external solution means your facility effectively mitigates future standard changes.

Capacity Shortages Likely To Continue

If COVID didn’t put enough pressure on the health system, it certainly put pressure on state and federal budgets. This means more effective ways to create greater capacity and cost efficiencies is a real requirement for public health.

External reprocessing offers ways to expand capacity of not just the CSSD volumes but also by repurposing this valuable space for more theatres and ICUs.


A strategic partnership with Sterequip assists public health do more with what they have and saves money, helping Australia recover quicker.


New Standards Are Here

AS 5369:2023 Australian Standard for Reprocessing of reusable medical devices and other devices in health and non-health related facilities is now live and requires Public hospitals to meet additional requirements over and above the previous standard, such as instrument level tracking.

Sterilisation and reprocessing is Sterequip’s core competence. Which means the public health sector can rely on Sterequip to stay abreast of changes to standards and be ready. Taking away the headaches associated with remaining compliant to new standards. 

Let Sterequip assist your public hospital stay compliant as standards continue to change.

    External Reprocessing

    Sterequip reprocessing super centres CSSD in excess of 2500m2 making them Australia’s largest reprocessing centres. The centres are equiped complete redunancy with two reverse osmosis (RO) plants, dual boilers, large water tanks and backup generator access. 

    Sterequip provides your Public Health Service transport trolleys and rigid containers to pick up your instruments, reprocesses those instruments at its reprocessing super centres and returns them the next business day. 

    The solution has little impact on current workflows and has designed with multiple checks, tracking and traceability systems so you feel confident in the service and have full visibility.

    All that the Public Health Service needs to do after use of an instrument is remove gross contaminant and sharps, and provide a complying sterile store.

    Manage Multi-Site Requirements

    Sterequip understands the individual needs of multiple sites. From preferred times for pick-up and delivery, to instrument type and capacity requirements.

    Sterequip can integrate with your tracking and tracing systems to give you 24 hours access to know where your instruments are and manage them as you need.

    Our transport solution includes a fleet of temperature controlled and humidity monitored vehicles, designed to segregate used and clean transport trolleys.

      Makes Sense For Public Health

      Public health already outsource a number of essential services and has centralised services. Adding an external reprocessing service to public health offers a number of benefits and cost efficiencies.

      Budget constraints and compounded with continuing demand for public health services means any assistance in reducing costs, makes sense for Public Health Services to consider.

      Environmental Benefits

      Sterequip services provides rigid containers which means less medical waste from a significant reduction in the use of SMS wrap.

      External reprocessing also offers the opportunity for public health to move away from single use instruments. A strategic partnership with Sterequip can create multiple environmental benefits.



        Sterequip is Australian owned and operated and is Australia’s first complete external reprocessing solution for health services. A commitment to operational excellence and 100% compliance, your public hospital can rely on Sterequip.

        Start the conversation for a better public health future with Sterequip today. 

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        Sterequip is here to help. If you would like to know more about how we can help with your reprocessing and sterilisation needs, please contact us.

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