Australia’s first complete external reprocessing solution, you can trust to meet AS 5369.

AS 5369:2023 Reprocessing of reusable medical devices and other devices in health and non-health related facilities


Strategic Partner

A strategic partnership with Sterequip enables to free up resources, access capital, and repurpose valuable space while maintaining safety and quality.


Efficient Reprocessing

The Sterequip solution provides your health service with external reprocessing of your reusable medical devices with pickup and delivery within next working day.


Securing Capacity

Contracting with Sterequip secures capacity for current and future reprocessing requirements and the ability to meet AS 5369 now and in the future.

Reduced Risk

Sterequip have a team of professionally trained CSSD staff that manage your reprocessing to the manufacturers exacting standard, so each device is reprocessed correctly.


Our traceability and automation systems provide full transparency to know exactly where your instruments are and provide security of supply when needed.

Super Centres

Our investment in Reprocessing Super Centres across Australia with state-of-the-art reprocessing equipment and system redundancy to ensure safe, reliable reprocess.



The Sterequip solution provides your Health Service Organisation (HSO) with external reprocessing of your reusable medical devices with a turnaround of next working day and full tracking and traceability.

We know, smart HSOs only partner with trusted companies that deliver more than operational excellence, with Sterequip you can benefit from:

Income Opportunities

With Sterequip, transform your cost centres into income generating opportunities. Allowing you to remodel valuable CSSD space for activities such as theatres or treatment rooms.

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Secure Future Capacity

The standard for reprocessing medical devices will change.  Secure a complete external CSSD solution or just selected lines or loan equipment so you’re never interrupted by changes to the standard.

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Manage Multi-Site Requirements

We understand the needs of your individual sites, from preferred pick-up times, instrument type and specialist physician’s personal instruments. Our systems to give you 24 hours visibility.

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Improving Patient Outcomes

Our team provide the highest quality service to ensure any device is reprocessed correctly every time. Our separate workflows allow us to quarantine a workflow if necessary, giving you greater certainty.

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Sterequip’s system design is based on the barrier principle, ensuring a clear separation of soiled, clean and sterile zones.

Each zone is separated by a pass-through. The clean system is protected with airlocks that ensure restricted access and positive air pressure.


1. Trolleys are delivered into the receival dock via an airlock to stop any airborne contamination.

2. Trolleys then move into the Soil Hold then into Decontamination. The decontamination area has an airlock to ensure the material does not leave the area.


3. Trays are removed from the trolleys and the trolleys go through to the trolley washers and a thermal disinfection cycle of 90 degrees Celsius for 2 minutes.

4. Trays are placed onto washing crates and then passed into one of the 8 washers.


5. Once washed trays move through to the unloading area. Again, the unloading area has an airlock entrance.

6. Trays are then inspected and prepared for sterilisation, either low-temperature sterilisation for heat sensitive items or steam sterilisation. All instruments are returned to the same trays unless repair, maintenance or replacement is needed.


7. Sterilisation occurs and trays are unloaded and moved on to the Sterile Store or sent through to dispatch for return to the customer.

8. The Sterile Store is fitted with an Automated Storage & Retrieval System.


9. When required items are retrieved and moved into the Loading and Dispatch area where a technician loads and scans the RMDs into the disinfected trolleys.

10. Trolleys are moved into the Trolley dispatch where they wait until the returning truck is ready for loading. Each day trucks are washed down and UV disinfected. All trucks are temperature-controlled and fitted with humidity sensors.

Watch The Webinar On How Health Care Management Are Meeting AS/NZS 4187:2014 Cost Effectively

Hosted by Dirk Bellinge, CEO Sterequip


Sterequip Is The Right Choice In Reprocessing

Australian owned and operated, Sterequip is the first in Australia to offer world-class reprocessing super centres to ensure your facilities meet AS 5369 now and in the future.

An alternative to in-house reprocessing, Sterequip is the most reliable, accurate and cost-effective external solution for health services.

Our unrelenting focus on compliance and risk mitigation is achieved with investment into state-of-the-art equipment and systems, and a highly skilled, professional team of specialists in sterilisation and infection control.

Discover how Sterequip can work for you.


Sterequip is committed to providing an AS 5369 compliant reprocessing solution for Health Service Organisations now and for the future changes to the Standard.