Australian owned and operated, Sterequip is committed to providing your Health Service a compliant, cost-effective reprocessing to meet AS/NZS 4187 now and in the future.

Our unrelenting focus on compliance and risk mitigation is achieved with investment into state-of-the-art equipment and a highly skilled, professional team of specialists in sterilisation and infection control.

Sterequip Reprocessing Super Centres will be compliant to AS/NZS 4187 and audited by an approved regulatory body.

We will remain a transparent and collaborative partner with Health Service Organisations, providing full tracking and audit reporting.


Sterequip’s highly-skilled, professional team are
specialists in sterilisation and infection control.

Experienced in operating hospitals, surgical theatres and sterilisation departments across Australia and internationally, the Sterequip team understands the challenges facing health service organisations.

We are committed to assisting health services meet the new standard in sterilisation, while also ensuring patient safety

Dr Bruce Bellinge


Since his involvement in the early days of IVF in the 1980s, reproductive biologist Bruce Bellinge has been an innovator.  Bruce and his team have a long-standing commitment to outstanding outcomes in healthcare.

With significant experience in health-related research; establishing and managing hospitals; and implementing new business models in existing health service enterprises, Bruce is ideally positioned to help health service organisations meet the new standard in sterilisation while also ensuring patient safety.

Dirk Bellinge


Dirk has more than 20 years of experience across operations, project management and general management in the property, health, transport and events sectors.

As a specialist in operational effectiveness and efficiency, Dirk’s background includes system and process design, quality assurance, inventory management and logistics. This includes managing process flows and just-in-time inventory strategy.

He also has extensive knowledge and experience with contract management and financial agreements.

Teressa Normington


Teressa has 35 years’ clinical experience as a Leader in  Medical device reprocessing field, and this has led her to represent Australia on International and National committees reviewing Australian Sterilising standards of practice and staff training.

Teressa has consulted to public and private hospitals sterile services units to develop, implement, and review sterilisation policies, procedures, and processes.

Her extensive experience includes Manager of Sterilisation Services, sterilisation audits, standardising sterilisation practices, designing selecting and validating sterilisation on equipment and delivering staff training and education.

Teressa is past President of the Sterilising Research Advisory Councils of Australia (Western Australia) and is a member of the Federal Sterilising & Research Advisory Councils of Australia (FSRACA).

Robert Owen


Robert Owen has more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry with extensive Institutional and Healthcare project portfolios as well as experience managing large, complex multi-use development projects. 

Robert led various medical solution start-up redevelopments with a special focus on Central Sterilising and Life Science Services for major health authorities across both Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Robert’s vast understanding of health care projects spans both local and global medical groups and authorities. He is highly qualified in technical construction and engineering disciplines, holds qualifications and certifications within project and program management, senior business administration, engineering surveying, workplace health and safety, infection control and sterile surroundings to name a few.


We strive to be the preferred partner in delivering reprocessing and sterilisation services for Health Service Organisations across Australia.