External reprocessing provides private hospitals tangible financial benefits to get more from their facilities.


We know Private Hospitals can get more from their existing facilities with an external reprocessing partner. Here’s how you can profit from external reprocessing.

~25% Additional Theatres

Utilising external reprocessing while repurposing CSSDs based on Australasian Health Facility Guidelines, the CSSD Packing and Sterilisation area to a new theatre space including the operating room, scrub up and exit bay allows ~25% additional theatres.

Reduce Cost of Reprocessing

We conducted an independent study and looked at the true cost of reprocessing based on the cost per separation, and it showed even without redeveloping the CSSD to meet the new AS 5369:2023, there is a significant cost benefit.

De-risking Reprocessing

External reprocessing reduces the risk or limited space or capital to redevelop to meet the standard, reprocessing errors from CSSD being under pressure to fast track items, headaches trying to maintain staff training and complexity of dealing with loan sets.

Security During Distruption

COVID has placed significant pressure on the private health system, removal of elective surgeries, staff shortages, and bed shortages. As elective surgery comes back online a number of CSSDs will be pushed to breaking point and greater number of errors, staffing fatigue and costs could be incurred.

“Sterilisation is our core competency.”

External reprocessing offers ways to expand capacity of your CSSD. Our core focus is reprocessing, that’s why we ensure our staff are trained and maintain up-to-date knowledge on manufacturers reprocessing requirements.

We have also gone the extra mile to mitigate risks with state-of-the-art equipment, automation systems, tracking and traceability, and secure transport solutions.

This means your doctors and surgical teams can rely on Sterequip for reliable quality service and complete visibility.

Little Impact to Workflows

We provide your hospital with transport trolleys and rigid containers to pick up your used instruments. After use simply remove gross soil and sharps, replace them in the transport containers and trolley. We will pick up and reprocess at our reprocessing super centre and return them the next business day.

Our transport solution includes a fleet of temperature controlled and humidity monitored vehicles, designed to segregate used and clean transport trolleys.

The solution has little impact on current workflows and has designed multiple checks, tracking and traceability systems so you feel confident in the service and have full visibility.

A strategic partnership with Sterequip assists allow your private hospital to minimise risks and increase profits.

    Specific Site Requirements

    Sterequip understands each hospital is unique. From preferred times for pick-up and delivery, to surgeons preferred instruments and tray configurations.

    Sterequip works with you to ensure ever aspect of your external reprocessing is seamless for any of your sites and specific surgeon requests.

    Sterequip integrates with your tracking and tracing systems to give you 24 hours access to know where your instruments are and manage them as you need.

    The Right Choice For Established Private Hospitals

    External reprocessing for Private Hospitals is an ideal solution especially those that are landlocked or struggling to find the room for new reprocessing equipment, reverse osmosis (RO) water facilities or air pressure and flow requirements. Redevelopment of a CSSD can see you having to close theatres during the redevelopment typically due to air quality requirements.

    An external reprocessing option means not having to renovate the CSSD, be inconvenienced or have to close theatres.

    System Integration

    Sterequip solution means we’ll integrate with your systems. We have full traceability and can integrate with most systems to pass data so you can maintain your current system.

    We also have a full service portal that allows you to communicate and see where your items are in the processing cycle, to be able to manage items as needed.

      Reprocessing in Office-Based Practices



      Sterequip is Australian owned and operated and is Australia’s first complete external reprocessing solution for health services. A commitment to operational excellence and 100% compliance, your private hospital can rely on Sterequip.

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      Sterequip is here to help. If you would like to know more about how we can help with your reprocessing and sterilisation needs, please contact us.

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